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Professional website presence is becoming increasingly important for all types and sizes of business. The requirements from both the company and its customers increases as newer technologies emerge. It is vital that a business does not become complacent with their website, it's not long before a website can become at risk to security hacks or looks tired and out of date. Long gone are the days of just having a website to provide details about the company - potential customers visiting websites expect much more from their experience on a company's site.

Successful web based solutions can enable businesses to reach a greater audience and expand into new markets, increasing productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and profitability. We deliver flexible web based systems using a multitude of cutting edge technologies which can integrate seamlessly with existing back-end systems.

Metasoft offers a wide range of services covering the full spectrum of the website development life cycle. Outlined here is a summary of services that we provide.

Project Analysis and Planning

We are able to investigate the feasibility of a proposed project. We have gathered a wide range of experiences to enable us to quickly identify project requirements and know which technologies are best suited for many given software processes. We are skilled at keeping the costs of development down by adopting a thorough process of system analysis.

We understand how a website has a strategic importance to your organisation and your need for a significant rate of return on your company's investment in new technology. By using the latest rapid application development tools in combination with object oriented programming we can help you minimise development costs and deploy a quality product in the shortest time possible.

We carefully involve key personnel from your organisation in the planning phase so that we get a full picture of current practices relating to existing systems (if applicable). We make a point of listening to and obtaining feedback from our clients' staff to ensure that the website and associated software components we provide is what you want. The project planning can be as simple or as formal as required by your organisation and will be dependent on the level of complexity of the website.


From information sourced during the planning phase we can create a detailed architecture and specification for each site. The collection of specifications act as a blueprint for the system. All design proposals have to be agreed by your company before we would commence actual coding.

As part of the design phase we consider the following options:
• The companys brand
• Layout, colour schemes and text formating through use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
• Consideration for web standards and accessibility
• Search engine optimisation
• Incorporation of Flash, Shockwave and Silverlight components
• Interactive features
• Maximised browser compatibility

Development and Documentation

Using the design documents prepared by either yourself, ourselves or a 3rd party we instruct our development team to begin construction of the website. All source code is documented and presented using industry recognised formats and of course the degree of documentation is dependent on the level you require.


Unit testing i.e. the testing of individual program source units is carried out by our developers. Integration testing requires checking the combinations of program units and their interfaces; this is performed by our developers and independent testers. System testing will involve verification that the entire system performs in accordance with criteria laid down in the system specifications documentation. System testing is completed by the independent tester/s. Acceptance testing involves checking the system to ensure that it is ready for deployment and will function as intended and is normally carried out by selected end users.


We always aim to make website installations as straight forward as possible.
For further information, you can write us at info@metasoft.in