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When you think outsource, you think about a long term partner who can carry out your specific jobs smartly utilizing right resource and delivering quality solutions within time. This is where Metasoft come of help. With years of proven expertise in delivering standalone internet marketing services with a huge portfolio of trusted offerings, we have been delighting all of our prized customers by helping them stay successful in the marketplace.

Our outsourcing solutions are unlike others, aimed to deliver you not just solutions but value. Here are just a few more reasons why you should outsource your projects to us.

Let’s look at the aspect from a broader level, starting from why outsource:
• It saves your time and money since you need not to employ any in-house team of designers, developers and other people who earn more than
  they do.
• With this, you have greater control over management, delivery, and project execution.
• Service is provided 24 x 7 meaning you get time zone advantages.

Now, let’s narrow down the search: why you should outsource to India?
• A good number of talented people with technical understanding.
• Companies in this country are successful, many listed in NASDAQ and NYSE .
• Big companies from around the world count the country for outsourcing.
• Lot of developmental efforts has been initiated to help the field thrive. Cyber laws present prevent any wrong doing.

Now, why outsource to Metasoft ?
• Over ten years of real-field knowledge.
• Host of team, skilled and talented.
• Updated infrastructure, latest tools.
• Delivering quality offerings in this flat business place, round the hour.
• The company has some standalone differentiators

Our expertise : We have various departments operating individually focusing on each of the specialized areas namely, Web Design and Web Development, Outsource Software Development, Web Application Development, Search Engine Marketing. Each outsource department has individual project managers to handle each tasks individually, closely coordinating with clients on a regular basis via phone, email or virtual chat.

Your Benefits: Our Solutions are cost effective, stylish and customer friendly. Our well developed infrastructure is there to serve your needs at the right place and right time. ”Delivery on Time” is the soul motto of Metasoft. We endeavor customer satisfaction to the core on all Outsourcing Activities.
For further information, you can write us at info@metasoft.in