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Education today is no longer just a social responsibility but has taken shape as a professional industry slowly. Colleges and schools today look for solutions and processes to train their students and make them more acceptable in globally created corporate environment. The clients in this sector always are in look for software solutions that will help them give this edge to their students.

Metasoft, has been helping colleges and schools to attain this advantage with world class software solutions like,
• Integrated portals with different sections for students, teachers and parents.
• Integrated system for managing daily operations like lectures, attendance, courses, admissions etc through high end technology.
• Online e-learning module integration with the portals.
• CRM integration to control and evaluate the marketing initiatives for admission process from applications till final selection.
• Complete teachers and lectures management helping institutes integrate and manage their resources efficiently.
• Integrated document management system to index the existing and new physical documents making it easy for institutes to revive this at any 
• Aesthetically and creatively appealing designed websites integrated with the portal strategy of institute.
• Tailor made custom solutions for unique needs of institutes in integrating with the legacy systems and existing software processes.

Metasoft has experience in helping institutes across cultures and languages to implement world class software solutions and processes.
For further information, you can write us at info@metasoft.in