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This is complete TDS management software useful for the calculations of TDS (Tax Deduction at source) on salary as well as non salary payments as per the TAX Law changes from time to time by Government.

This Software is automated system which covers calculation /estimation of TDS (Tax deduction at source) on Salary Payment as well as non salary payments.

Non salary payment covers the categories as of contractors/sub-contractors Payments, interest, rent on machinery and other, professional fees, commission, winnings from lotteries, NRI payments.

TDS software is useful for Quarterly Return preparations on paper & also has added utility of Quarterly returns preparations in E-file format.

Following sections is covered
192 – Salary payments.
194C – Contractors/sub-contractors.
194A – Interest other than 'Interest on securities'
194I –  Rent
194J – Professional services and Fees for technical services.
194H – Commission / brokerage payments
194B – Winnings from lottery or crossword puzzles
194D – Insurance commissions
194G – Commission on sale of lottery tickets

TDS generates the Reports of Quarterly returns physical as well as e-filing formats covered under Tax deduction at source (TDS).

FollowingReports is covered 
Form 24Q, Form 26Q
Form 16, Form 16A
Summary Wise Reports
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