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Software and Hi-tech companies across globes (Independent Software Vendors - ISVs) thrive to get successful in highly competitive space with their requirements revolving around,

• Ability to think innovative and make bug-free products with latest technologies and architectures.
• Ability to work round the clock and shorten the ready-to-market cycles.
• Ability to plan new growth areas in advance for the product and keep maintain regular evolvement in product features.
• Ability to sell the product cheaper and reduce the cost of the development overall.
• Ability to align the support functions and create a synch with the development teams for overall growth of the product

Ability to port and support new platforms to reach larger customers.

Metasoft with its determined focus on ISV customers help its clients attain the edge in all these areas by providing right talent and round the clock product development and management services. We boast to understand technology at the best and help our clients in making the products or parts of the products with our experienced available talent pool of people and latest architecture prevailing in the market.

Metasoft has been serving consumer to enterprise software companies selling in both SAAS and single license model. We have huge expertise in helping our customers setup their offshore development centers and provide the services in hybrid model ensuring round the clock development cycles.

With our vast knowledge of both iterative and waterfall means of development, we boast to keep required checkpoints ensuring success of the relationship and product development. These key differentiators have helped us attract new clients.

Different product development approach with specialized excellence centers focused in areas of Web Development
• Flexibility in serving in terms of choice of model and management methodology for better productivity.
• Available pool of technology expertise boasting to be involved in more than 100 releases of various products across the globe.
• Web based project management tool for clients to use and manage the resources directly.
• Web based project management tool for clients to use and manage the resources directly.

High security zones ensuring the privacy of the Intellectual Property of the clients.
For further information, you can write us at info@metasoft.in