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It is almost inevitable for any software product company today to be proactive in understanding how the end product will behave for the users from the beginning. This clear definition in pre development stages of software development not only helps them to understand the functional edge that the product will have in the competitive market but also clearly define goals for the development team and be able to calculate clear returns on investments for the product.

Metasoft as a outsource software product development specialist understand and respect the value of a good software design specification for a product lifecycle in software pre development stage. A good product specification design ensures,
• Clear definition of the work required in the release.
• Clear definition of user interfaces and a semi prototype of actual product.
• Functional & Business logic flow throughout the product.
• Easy understanding for both technical and business teams working on the product.
• Clear definition of the scope of planned release
• Enable a phased approach of development cycles.

Metasoft believes strongly in investing in learning new frameworks and reusable technology to ensure delivering you technical expertise in defining scalable architectures ensuring robustness of your product for many further releases, increasing your return on investment at pre development stages.

As your software development and outsourcing service partner, Metasoft ensures your success in clearly defining the goals that the product needs to meet as part of this mandatory pre development stage which involves, 

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