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At Metasoft we believe that every robust software product is a result of innovative software development ideas and strong initial analysis. A strong market review says that almost 70% products fail in later stages due to lack in this initial product planning and market analysis.

Metasoft offers its software product analysis services for vendors who plan to enter the market with new ideas or vendors who plan to make their existing products better for new or existing markets. The service being part of our core outsource product development stream of services, helps our clients not only plan their products more efficiently but also provide a critical point of view on returns and feasibility of the product idea in the target markets.

At Metasoft, we plan the service delivery with our 5 point analysis approach, 

Our efficient product managers help us prepare a complete overview on how the product should be planned in later stages along with a detailed feature list which must be included along with optional ones helping our clients to gain a long term advantage and edge over their competitors. We believe in an honest opinion helping our clients to be proactive and invest in higher returning and more feasible technology products.
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